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September 5, 2013
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RD: Hanako Saito by Kusachii RD: Hanako Saito by Kusachii
For: :iconrabbito-dauto:

Update: I've added some new info and changed some things, because i've got a better idea of who Hanako is now :iconheyuplz: But...Her creator hasnt been rping that much, cause she is a derp~ So idk when Hanako's genius will turn into insanity or something 8'DD

Rabbit Doubt Rp group. :iconheplz: Rabbit Doubt. Rabbit Doubt. This group was too tempting to not join~:iconpapmingplz:
A little back story here~
So anyways...i had already created a character perfect for this group until i saw i cant have an axe. And i was like, damn okay. :iconidekplz: So, theenn, i created another character( Hanako eve~) and gave her gardening shears...but she's physically weak, so she cant use them :iconsawbplz:
Then i decided to ask my friends for help on weapons...they gave me this:
Frying, how could no one use this in this group :iconomgcryplz: I was so tempted to give this to Hanako..
Golf club
Rake o - o .... when i heard 'Rake' i thought about those plastic ones...
Broom... best. weapon. ever.
Cheese knife...i just..dunno anymore :iconpapplz:
Candles and matches? Are we gonna suffocate people with candles, by stuffing it down their throats? I dunno :iconmingplz:

This list goes on forever...:iconmingtearsplz: Kai, haha, i hope i get in~ > w o)b
This group so knows me~ TTvTT Gore and violence haha...<33


Hanako Saito


She'll only use an alias if she thinks you are dangerous to be around.




164cm/ 59kg


7th December




F9 -

Weapon Choice:

Pruning Shears - Hanako picked them up when she was wandering around the outside of the school building. It has dark crimson blotches where blood has dried. They were already there when Hanako picked them up...

Opinion on What is Happening:

“.....Someone is mental.....”
Hanako really only has a vague idea that she thinks is most likely possible. She feels confused on how someone, or some group, could have taken so many people out here. She’s honestly scared for her life and really just wants to go home.


Single and forever alone :iconomgcryplz:

Kinda hasn't met many people, so no 'official' friendships have formed ;w;

Mother - She works as an accountant and is still alive. Hanako loves her to pieces and relies on her for advice and everything!
Father - A pretty good and trustworthy plastic surgeon, is also still alive. She loves him a lot too.
Older Brother - He’s 21 and is at uni. He’s studying for a doctors degree. Hanako’s on really good terms with him, luckily, they get each other and hang out a lot too.


Self-assured -- Quiet -- Considerate -- Hard-working -- Intelligent --Taciturn -- Independent -- Mildly Gentle -- Weak --

Hanako is at first glance would seem to be the type of person who is girly, cute, ‘moe’, a bit shy, utterly gullible and unknowing. However, you really got to be around her to realize that in reality she’s not like that at all.
Hanako pretends to be mute most of the time. Though when she does talk it’s mainly really short sentences followed by long breaks and again with short sentences. She’s quiet around practically everyone, friend, stranger or even foe(An exception with her family, she talks a lot with them). She just doesnt talk an immense amount because she doesnt feel the need to. Also she doesnt express her feelings in words, she does it by facial and body expression.

She’s not a very strong girl, but makes up for it by her intelligence. In other words, she’s more brains than brawn. Hanako can think quickly and process information at a faster rate too. Her intelligence only delves into the area of schoolwork though. If you ask her about street smart things, you’ll most likely be given the most idiotic answer you could ever hear. Hanako has lots of confidence in her smarts, but rarely shows any sign of it. She can trust in herself to be able to handle any type of situation she is presented with.

Choosing to be a mute caused her to become an independent person. She rarely relies on others and prefers to trust in herself and her capabilities. Though she isn't a full loner, but she does isolate herself from any type of group by loitering around the back. She also does this so others wont be harmed by her actions and she cant be blamed for it~

:new: Hanako is cowardly in the sight of dead bodies and blood. She feels queasy at the sight, but not the smell, of rotting flesh and dried blood. She will freeze up when dead things are around and stay there until she either falls over to weak to move or someone turns her away. Though she has been in the game for over a few weeks now, she still isnt used to the death that reeks everywhere.


- Pastel colours
- Warm drinks, especially hot mocha
- Scarves and lacy stuff
- People that are quick learners, she cant tolerate slow people ;w;
- Books and more books


- Coldness
- Mister Wolf
- Neon colours
- Mud and Dirt
- Fruit cake ;3;
- Dead bodies


Born in a family of four, Hanako was the youngest child. Her parents met when her mother took her father’s suitcase, by accident, on a plane flight. Hanako’s mother, not knowing, continued to leave the airport. The man chased her down and, of course, got it back. They started to date after this meeting for a while and finally got married; Having a son and a daughter.

Throughout her childhood (until age 6) Hanako stayed silent not speaking a word. She knew what others were talking about but didnt say anything. Her parents thought their daughter was mute and accepted it. But Hanako just didnt want to talk.
She didnt speak her first words until she reached the age of 6, her first word being ‘butt'. Her brother's immature and used to call everyone butt...apparently she caught on...

Hanako didnt like to make friends in middle school and mostly stuck to playing with her brother. But school work became an interest for he, she found out she loved to gain new knowledge. She liked to learn new things, she liked to discover and explore, read and write. Hanako spent a lot of time reading, when she wasn't playing with her brother, by herself. She would spend hours and hours cooped up in her room getting through lots of textbooks and novels.

However a year before she was actually supposed to attend high school, she was moved up a year ahead of everyone; The school faculty thought she had a gift for learning and moved her up. She started highschool at age 14.
Around the time that she entered high school she started to talk, with classmates and teachers, in short sentences.
Her grades in school were really good and she was one of the top honor students. But many found her really hard to get along with and started to marginalize her from the class. Hanako didnt seem to really mind, so she continued to work and study hard.
Boring as it may seem, Hanako’s highschool years were filled with study, study and more study. Nothing interesting happened, she didnt make any friends and stuck to herself. She didnt join any clubs or sports either. Though her ability to learn was at a very high level, her ability to socialize was at a loss.

Then one fateful day, she got a message from an anonymous number showing her the starting screen of Rabbit Doubt. Her brother was on her phone at the moment and chose ‘yes’, thinking it would be pretty interesting to play. Hanako was sitting next to him and watched as he had answered the pop up screen, not really concerned as she did trust him after all. When the phone went back to normal he gave it back to her pretty disappointed at the game. Both of them went back to their business not knowing what would happen next...

Rp Methods:

Im fine with both Lit and Script v u v
Im fine with Skype, Notes (im slower on it though >-> ), comments and chatroom~~

I hope to rp with everyone ; w ;

Additional info:

~~ Adding more as i RP~~
- She’s pretty nimble. Though weak at the same time, mainly because she has no muscles at all.
- She loves wearing Mori Kei clothing, it’s just so pretty and pastel coloured ;w; (I toned down the Mori Kei though, cause so many layers of clothing and so annoying to draw..)
- She reads textbooks as a hobby, best hobby ever :iconpervheplz:
- The charm tied on to her boot is from her brother, she uses it as a good luck charm.
- She has a small mole underneath her left eye v u v
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PacificIslanderGirl Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Student Filmographer
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Can you imagine the damage?!
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Kusachii Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
They had the best weapon ideas ever :iconmingtearsplz: Haha, they even suggested tin can tops and guitar strings? Lol, these friends of mine :"D
Yes, i can totally imagine the damage. One hit and they are so down~ v u v
Awwwhhaaa thank you!!! :iconpapmingplz:

kwirkii Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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. One minute they are chilling next POW! Plastic rake in their eyes!

Ahhhh you are so welcome!! I hope we can rp soon ;3;
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